Do You Remember me … ? … Carlos

Victor Gdowczok & Carlos Santana

2008 in Köln

VG-Project MUSIC 2008 @ Cologne

In 2008 Victor Gdowczok met Carlos Santana in Cologne. An encounter that left traces and memories… Today, music is one of the great passions… with VG-Project MUSIC a great love began… Carlos told about his wonderful Music Project in Mexico with the youth and children… it was the beacon of the incredible power that inspired him to unite his sport and music. Victor Gdowczok was the first person with Down’s syndrome to win the master degree in Judo with an EXCELLENT – the DAN according to the regular examination requirements of the IJF. In the following years, until today, he leads the World Ranking List of ID-Judo in Para Sport. A great vision was born and shines unbroken … for all ID-Judoka in the world. Victor Gdowczok gives courage, respect, dignity and pride to all people with mental disabilities …

„…do not be defeated, go forward and love life and the people of the world… MUSIC is the fuel of life“